Because all Alaglas Pools are designed and built in our state of the art facility and delivered ready to be installed in your yard, the installation process is the shortest of any type of in ground pool.

When you select your new Alaglas Pool, we realize you are making a very important addition to your home. We also understand the need to preserve the environment and aesthetics around the installation area. The structural strength of an Alaglas Pool permits installation in most areas, even with limited space and access to your yard.

Have your Alaglas Pool installed in THREE easy steps:

  1. Your installation team will dig and prepare the hole prior to the arrival of your new Alaglas Pool.
  2. Your Alaglas Pool is lowered into its new home with a crane. The installation crew will connect the plumbing, backfill the pool, and fill the pool with water.
  3. Decking and landscaping are next, to blend your pool into the outdoor landscape of your home. 

That is all it takes to start enjoying your very own slice of paradise. It is that easy!

Pre Pool ConstructionExcavation of pool holeThe fiberglass pool shipment arrivesGrading and leveling the fiberglass pool holeThe crane places the fiberglass pool in the holeThe crane places the fiberglass pool in the holeThe fiberglass pool is stabilized with braces in the holeThe fiberglass pool is backfilled with quarter inch sized stone to secure it in place and allow for proper drainageThe ground around the pool is rough graded to help prepare for the deckingThe fiberglass pool is plumbed to the equipment stationInstallation of retaining wall around poolInstallation of locking collar and travertine coping around fiberglass pool Installation of travertine decking and sodTravertine fiberglass pool decking completedTravertine decking around fiberglass swimming poolHamptons style travertine decking around fiberglass swimming poolDeck drains installed in travertine decking with fiberglass poolCleaned fiberglass poolCleaned fiberglass swimming poolVariable speed pool pump with salt system and cartridge filter with all electrical connectionsFinished fiberglass pool installation