Pool Care Tips

To keep your Alaglas pool looking as brilliant and beautiful as the day it was first installed, follow these easy steps in conjunction with the instructions given to you by your local pool dealer.

Surface Cleaning: Thanks to the Gel Coat or Aqualuxe layer on all Alaglas pools, you won't have to clean your pool as often as a standard vinyl or concrete pool. This is because dirt and algae have a hard time attaching to the smooth finish of our pools. When you do need to clean your surface due to body oil, sunscreen, and other unwanted build-ups, take a non-abrasive rag and wipe down your pool. Never use abrasive materials to clean your pool, or ammonia or bleach. If tough stains persist, use a gentle pool cleaner and wipe it down with a soft rag to remove stains.

Dirt and Debris: Unwanted materials that have sunk to the bottom of your pool should be brushed into the main drain. For larger amounts of dirt, one should use a pool vacuum to remove this material.

Water Level: Never Drain Your Pool! Fiberglass pools are designed to remain filled with water at all times. Removing too much water from your Alaglas pool could result in structural damages. If for whatever reason you need to drain your pool, contact your pool dealer to assist you.

Pool Chemicals: Due to the fact that the Gel Coat surface of all Alaglas pools helps to prohibit the growth of algae, you can use fewer chemicals in a fiberglass pool than you would in a concrete pool. For our pools, the ideal pH or acidity level is between 7.2 and 7.6. Our pools also require chlorine for cleanliness and potentially calcium to fight hard water problems. You should check your pools acidity weekly with a kit that is included with every Alaglas pool. Follow the instructions that are also included with your pool, and add the chemicals as necessary. It is that easy.