Fiberglass vs Concrete Pools

Alaglas Fiberglass Pools offer a large number of advantages over the traditional concrete pool.

Outstanding Finishes: Alaglas offers two types of finishes and a variety of color options to help your pool reflect your own personal style. Each Gel Coat finish is durable, beautiful, and smooth to the touch. You won't find anything like it in your standard concrete pool. The smooth finish also requires very little cleaning, thanks to its non-porous finish.

Installation Times: On average a concrete in ground pool takes about two to four months to install. With a fiberglass in ground pool, the whole installation process only takes about two to four weeks from start to finish. Don't spend your whole summer waiting for a concrete pool to be built when you can have a fiberglass pool installed in less than half the time.

Low Maintenance: The Gel Coat finish on an Alaglas Pool not only looks great, it is also very easy to keep clean. The surface is smooth and non-porous, so it helps repel dirt in addition to being very stain and fade resistant. Fiberglass pools require a fraction of the time it takes to keep a concrete pool clean, letting you spend more time enjoying your pool and less time scrubbing. Concrete pools will also need additional acid wash cleaning every five years and will need to be resurfaced every seven to ten years. Alaglas Fiberglass Pools need neither of these, saving you a lot of both time and money.

Lower Chemical Usage: Concrete pools require a higher volume of chemicals help keep them free of algae growth. This is due to the porous nature of concrete, giving the algae great places to take hold and grow. These chemicals are harsh to skin and eyes, and maintaining a high concentration in your pool will also cost you thousands of dollars over the pool's lifetime. Thanks to the smooth Gel Coat or AQUALUXETM finish that comes with every Alaglas Pool, algae has a much harder time growing. This means you will need to use fewer chemicals, saving your skin and your wallet from irritation. 

Superior Strength: Concrete pools will crack and chip over time, thanks to shifts in the ground and normal wear and tear. Fiberglass pools are built with superior strength and flexibility so you will never need to resurface them. This rare combination allows an Alaglas pool to withstand cracking and damage due to shifts in the earth. We are so confident in our product that our pools come with a fifty-year guarantee.

Lower Lifetime Costs: All the extra maintenance, cleaning, and electricity that it takes to properly maintain and run a concrete pool leads to thousands of dollars more in upkeep costs compared to that of an Alaglas Fiberglass Pool. Spend more time and money on yourself, skip on a concrete pool, and invest in an Alaglas Pool.