Fiberglass vs Vinyl Pools

Alaglas Fiberglass Pools offer a great number of advantages over traditional vinyl pools.

No Liner Replacements: Vinyl pool liners need to be replaced every eight to twelve years, costing you about $4,000 altogether. Liners do have warranties as high as thirty years, however these have very little value after the first couple years thanks to the liners being extremely pro-rated. With an Alaglas fiberglass pool, there are no liners that need changing, and you will never need to get them resurfaced like a concrete pool.

Higher Resale Value: If you are trying to sell your home, but your vinyl pools liner has not been replaced in the last three to four years, the buyer will usually ask you to replace the liner before they buy. This can cost you as much as $4000 and will take a day or so to complete once a crew can come out to replace it. This can cause problems when trying to sell a house, particularly if you are trying to move it quickly. Fiberglass pools are considered a long-term structure, requiring no major repairs. It is because of this that fiberglass pools are seen as a large upsell even to those who would not normally consider owning a pool. This is thanks to fiberglass pools' low maintenance costs.

Better Coping: Fiberglass pools have either a fiberglass or concrete coping. The coping fits well with the structure and looks fantastic. A large majority of vinyl pools, on the other hand, use an aluminum coping track. While this makes pouring the concrete easier for the builders when they install your pool, it has a negative effect on your pool's overall appearance.

Superior Strength: Vinyl-liners tear and rip very easily. This means pets, children, and fallen tree limbs all pose a large risk of damaging your pool's liner. Any significant damage to the liner will mean your pool will need a complete liner replacement. Alaglas only uses a strong fiberglass shell that will not tear or rip. Also thanks to fiberglass' unique combination of strength and flexibility, our pools can withstand natural movements in the earth that can cause cracking or rips in other pool styles.

Outstanding Finishes: Alaglas offers two types of finishes and a variety of color options so that your pool will reflect your own personal style. Each Gel Coat finish is durable, beautiful, and smooth to the touch. You won't find anything like it in a vinyl-lining pool. While a vinyl pool surface is non-abrasive and inhibits algae growth much like that of an Alaglas Pool, they can tear or rip easily.

Lower Lifetime Cost: Thanks to the low durability and stacking cost of replacing old liners, the overall lifetime cost of owning a vinyl pool is substantially higher than that of an Alaglas fiberglass pool.